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Paradise Sands and McMacken Construction have joined up with                                               to offer you an option to enjoy some of the advantages that a modern "Smart Home" can provide.

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The Paradise 1 model shown above has most of our recommended Smart Home features laid out on the plan.  The lights can all be controlled individually or within groups such as all outside lights by voice command "Alexa turn on outside lights".  The ceiling fans have built-in lights and the fans and lights are also controlled by voice "Alexa, turn on front fan". Through use of an IR controller we can replace the remote control of any Mini-split air conditioner/heater.  Some of the lights can be color capable, and some just brightness variable by voice "Alexa, reduce brightness on living room and turn color blue".  Any electrical item that is not "Smart" can still be controled by voice with either a smart plug or SONOFF wifi switches.

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In addition to the security of a gated comunity, our smart home option instills even more confidence in the homeowner.  We will install video cameras outside and inside the home depending on your preference.  Our smart routines will link to the camera and alert you over the home devices such as your smart TV and Echo devices.  The routines can also trigger light events and audio of warnings and/or dogs barking, etc.  Motion detectors can also be installed.  If the homeowner desires, a smart lock can also be installed on the home in addition to a video doorbell and smart locks.   


Putting together and setting up a smart home can be a daunting and frustrating experience.  Unfortunately all brands of smart devices do not operate under one system, and each module or application is totally different than the next.  We will completely install, setup, test, and train you on the operation of all the devices. 


In addition to available support from                                              we are going to set up a community bulletin board here on the website.  We will post helpful smart home topics regularly as it is a changing technology and new and exciting things are happening all the time.  We will also post helpful routines that can easily be installed on your system to do all kinds of things such as control thermostats, turn on and off lights at certain times, and many hundreds of other tasks.

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